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Our Curator's Collection is an assemblage of one of a kind, extra-rare museum quality specimens.  They're selected to have complementary energies and aesthetics, perfect for a special centerpiece in your home.
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There are many kinds of love in the world: love for friends and family, and romantic love. All love takes work and energy to manifest and attract. The most important thing these crystals can help you with is fostering the openness and honesty you need to love yourself first, to allow other types of love come into your life. 

Due to natural variation, each stone varies in size from .75 to 2.5 inches.  The collection weighs just under 1 pound.

i love crystalist’s love rocks collection. they sit beautifully in my home and fill the place with a great energy. they are curated perfectly.

Zara - NYC

It feels like the sack of gold people carry around on Game of Thrones.

Jen - NYC

There's something really enjoyable about them clinking together in the little bag, like my bag of treasures.

Jocelyn - NYC