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When I was growing up, I had an instinctive love for collecting rocks and crystals. On hikes and trips, I would inevitably find a crystal on the ground, begging to be taken home. Somehow, interesting rocks would find me everywhere I went, and I would tumble some of them in a rock tumbler that I asked my parents for on my birthday. I thought it was amazing to have these complex colors and structures in something natural that came out of the earth.  I loved the texture as well as the heft in my hand as I held them.  At first, I knew nothing about crystals, but as I learned more about their geology, cultural history, and feng shui attributes, I recognized why I was drawn to them.

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As a designer of interiors, I love deep, bold, colors and textures. So many of the best colors and textures can be found in nature, and the true variety of everything the earth has to offer can be found in rocks and crystals. So much of what we interact with in the modern world consists of bright screens, flashing lights, and artificial ingredients.  There is nothing more grounding and natural than a gem formed in the earth’s pressure that is millions of years old.

My inspiration in founding Crystalist was to use my intuition and analytical skills to create collections of crystals that work together. In the world of collecting crystals and gemstones, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Not only are there many kinds of crystals available, but there’s tremendous variation in the grade, size, finish, and polish. It is a tremendous challenge to integrate the way crystals look, feel, and work together in a cohesive collection.  We put together curated groups of crystals that have a unique aesthetic, that have individual stories that weave together in an interesting way, and meet our exacting quality and sustainability requirements.

We’re excited and proud to share some of these with you.